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SAHAR ATID Diamonds is a partnership between Yair Sahar and Moti Abo, both experienced diamantires with over 35 years of experience in sorting, polishing and distributing diamonds. The company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of Rounds and Fancies, predominately straight-edged, 30 pointers and larger, in all colors, medium and better qualities.
SAHAR ATID Diamonds is one of the highly known companies in the diamond industry, known for its integrity, experience, interpersonal relations and operation under the management of the company’s CEO Mr. Yair Sahar, who was the former president of the Israel Diamond Exchange, as well as director on the boards of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association and the Israel Diamond Institute.
SAHAR ATID has a wide source of rough diamonds which is manufactured in our state of the art factory in Israel. SAHAR ATID is a Diamond Trading Company (DTC) Sight Holder, as well as one of the largest clients of the Harry Winston mining company.
Over the years, through a consistent demonstration of professionalism and hard work, SAHAR ATID has developed close relationships with rough suppliers.
All these have contributed to the development of SAHAR ATID’s meaningful relationships with its distribution partners around the world. SAHAR ATID employs 100 production professionals, working under strict quality control procedures and with the close supervision of the Production Manager and COO, Moti Abo.
From their modern and spacious offices in the Tel Aviv headquarters, the partners operate a network of salespersons and representative offices in Los Angeles, New York, Antwerp and Hong Kong. Our diamonds are used by some of the finest and largest jewelry manufactures, designers, wholesalers and retailers.
This enables the company to plan supply schedules in advance and to develop additional services for its clients, such as:
~ The ability to make timely deliveries of consistent product range.
~ The ability to supply polished make which will be tailored to the customers’ requirements.
~ A wide range of consistent and tailored diamonds, as well as just-in-time delivery, and other innovative trade service activities.
At SAHAR ATID we work as hard as we can in order to fulfill all your needs and demands.