our team


Yair Sahar

President (Israel)

Joined the diamond industry in 1980, following in the footsteps of his father-in-law, Nisan Shmueli. After a training period as a cleaver, Sahar opened a cleaving plant. In 1990, he set up a diamond polishing plant, and with the introduction of laser cleaving in the diamond industry



Moti Abo

Founder & Production Management (Israel)

Moti Abo is co-founder of Sahar Atid Diamonds and serves as Production Manager and COO of Sahar Atid from the main headquarters in Tel Aviv.


Idan Sahar

VP of Sahar Atid Diamonds (Israel)

Idan graduated with a bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Management. He joined the diamond industry in 2003 and began his career by studying diamond sorting and polishing at the SAHAR ATID polishing factory. Idan has a vast experience in both Far East and USA diamond markets and currently, Idan serves as Vice President of SAHAR ATID..



Eyal Kochavi

USA Sales Director (New York)

Eyal joined the diamond industry in 2003 and began his career by studying diamon sorting and polishing at SAHAR ATID polishing facatory. Eyal has vast expirience in the USA diamond market, he opened the first SAHAR ATID sales office outside of Israel, and serves as the managing director of SAHAR ATID USA sales office in New York.



Director of marketing and online sales (New York)

Etay graduated with a bachelor degree in communication and business management. Joined Sahar Atid in 2014 after achiving a diamond grading diploma from GIA institute in New York. Etay has over 15 years of experience in marketing, sales and worldwide customer relations. Etay serves as the director of SAHAR ATID marketing and online sales department.